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*Create a discussion response to the below… 150 words**
Schedule strictness should sometimes be taken with a grain of salt, that being, it should be taken in account for things to go off schedule. If schedule issues go untreated, it can create a sort of ‘snowball’ effect and become seriously detrimental to the scope or timeliness of the project’s completion date. The rollout schedule should have some buffer time for more the technical and likely have issue tasks. One way to allow for unknown is to create a contingency plan and execute upon its occurrence. For personnel issues, it is possible that some team members will leave or absence during critical phases. A possible contingency for this could be to cross-train team members or and have experts on standby. For tasks that took extra time to complete, it may be necessary to put subsequent tasks on hold, or even add the task to free time elsewhere in the schedule. If it is a matter of personnel being overworked, the manager can pool additional members to relieve. It should also be accounted for if it’s the organization’s first complex project as it will present them with more unknowns

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