Week 6 Midweek Assignment – nursing writers

In Week 3, you used the Online Library to find 2 of the a rticles that support your f inal p roject. You should continue to find a dditional a rticles in your t opic. This week, you will now begin to w rite the M ethods section of your f inal p roject.The m ethods section provides information on how the e xperiment was conducted.In your s ynopsis, you will include:A s ummary of how you gathered informationThe main points of what happened first, then what happened next when you conducted your e xperimentConsider the following:Participants: Who are the participants? What are their demographics?Equipment/Apparatus: What equipment or material was used to collect data?Procedure: Describe the ‘step-by-step’ process including a description of the experiment, variables, instructions and order in which the experiment was conductedi attached week 3 p aper
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