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STA 3026 Assignment 4- Week 4: Correlation The objectives of this assignment are to help you: 

Demonstrate understanding of correlation terminology and its interpretation. Demonstrate how to calculate correlation between two groups of data Calculate confidence intervalsMake quantitative predictions based on linear regression 

Construct graphs 

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In this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the terms and concepts in Chapter 10 and other previously learned concepts of Even You Can Learn Statistics (EYCLS). Please answer the questions in this file, in the marked boxes. 

Be sure to follow these guidelines:1. Use the concepts from the textbook and notes.2. Use the Excel calculator for the confidence intervals to construct the intervals for this assignment.3. In the essay questions, make sure to be clear and thorough. Your answers should be at least 1 paragraph, with 5 complete sentences. 4. Name your file (last name)A4Please answer all the questions.6 Point values are listed for each question. Deductions as follow: 

-1 point for incomplete/partly correct answers-2 points for incorrect answersAll the points the question is worth will be deducted for blank answers. 


[Overtype your name in this cell] 

A study about the effect of music on human intelligence sponsored by Musicthatmakesyoudumb.com revealed the 

following:This study was a random sample of schools’ radio station “Top 10” list and the schools’ average SAT scores. 

Music Genre 

Alternative Classic Rock EmoHip Hop Jazz 

Number of Schools that have this Genre in their top 10 list 1,679 809121036 

Average SAT Score 1,152 1,162 1,095 1,104 1,142 1,174 1,097 1,082 1,238 1,113 1,160 

Indie 425 Christian 25 Metal 30 

Misc 147 Pop 332 Rock 1,881 



Count how many music genres there are. Calculate the Mean (Average) SAT Score. In your own words, define Standard Deviation. 

2pts 5) In your own words define Statistical Significance (alpha α). 2pts 

1) 2) 3) 

2pts 2pts 

4C) alculate the Standard Deviation for SAT scores. 

Given a 95% Level of confidence, what is 2pts the Level of Significance (alpha)? 

6) 7) 

8)Calculate the Margin of Error (E) for SAT scores 

W9)hat is the Upper Limit of the Confidence Interval 

What is the Lower Limit of the Confidence Interval 

In your own words define Confidence Intervals. (2pts) 

10) 11) 

2pts 2pts 


In your own words define the Correlation Coefficient (3pts) 

12) 13) 

Calculate the correlation coefficient R = 3pts 

Calculate the regression sum of squares R2 



Based on your calculation of the correlation coefficient what can you conclude? (4pts) 

You have been asked by the CEO of your company to develop a measurement to optimize the company’s web site based on the following information. Be sure to do the calculations for all three columns of data. 

Traffic in Number of Visits per Month 

22,314 February 26,789 

Monthly Revenue 



389,657 546,792 675,982 786,455 897,645 989,732 

Monthly Cost per Visit 

0.38 0.24 0.21 0.19 0.13 0.11 0.09 0.06 


March April May June July August 

Calculate n = Calculate the Mean = 

36,751 48,301 51,329 57,634 63,498 69,045 


3pts 3pts 3pts 

3pts 3pts 3pts 3pts 3pts 


16)C17a)lculate the Standard Deviation = 

18) Given a 95% Level of confidence, what is the Level of Significance (alpha)? 

19)  Calculate the Margin of Error  20)  Calculate the Upper Limit  21)  Calculate the Lower Limit  22)  Calculate the correlation coefficient between Traffic in Visits per Month and Monthly Revenue  

23) Calculate the correlation coefficient between Visitors per Month and Monthly Cost per Visitor 

Traffic in 

24) Graph a Scatterplot comparing Monthly Revenue to Visitor Traffic. 4pts 

25) Graph a Scatterplot comparing Traffic in Visitors per Month to Cost per Vi4spitt.s 

26)  Based on your calculations, which one has a positive relationship? Explain. (5pts)  27)  Based on your calculations, would you predict revenue to rise or fall? Explain. (5pts)  28)  A researcher states that a sequel to a successful movie will also be a success. Explain why this correlation is correct. (5pts)  29)  A researcher states that games with high levels of difficulty discourage players. Why is this correlation inaccurate? (5pts)  30)  A publication states that fireworks in a concert increase revenue. Is this a reasonable correlation? Why or why not? (6pts)  31)  A study reveals that games inhibit critical thinking. Is this a reasonable correlation? Why or why not? (6pts)  
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