What Are They Saying about Paul and the End Time by Joseph Plevnik.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic What Are They Saying about Paul and the End Time by Joseph Plevnik. The book brings forward eschatological thoughts of Paul about Christ. The discussion will present the different aspects preached by Paul through his gospel to the people of Corinth that human life is segregated into two parts which entail present existing body and the next resurrected body (Plevnik vii-viii).
The book ‘What are They Saying About Paul and the End Time?’ present adequate information about the thoughts of Paul in relation to different aspects of Christ that include His death, His coming, His lordship, His resurrection and His transformation. The thoughts of Paul have been identified as Pauline eschatology signifying different aspects about the conception of Christ. Paul signified his understanding about the end-time events relating to Christ and His believers in relation to the completion of His salvation. The event reflecting the death of Christ is associated as well as connected with the incident of Christ’s resurrection. Christ’s resurrection is discussed in order to describe the importance of the future resurrection. Pauline’s hope and Christ’s lordship have been important for revealing the significance of Christ’s coming. Additionally, the resurrection as well as the transformation is associated with the aspect of the coming of Christ. Paul thoughts signified that believers of Christ have joyful realization for being with Him. In this regard, the gospel of Paul signified the important aspects of the death, burial as well as resurrection relating to Christ. Respectively, theology of Paul is presented through his thoughts by different areas that include baptism, Christian ethics and Israel’s future (Plevnik 1-25).
Initially, the book represents important notes about gospel preached by Paul. Paul preached about the scriptures, which signified that Jesus died owing to the sins of the people and followers in Corinth.

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