What can you tell about the conversation that is going on based on what people are doing?

When the opportunity arises, observe strangers in a public place–this may be the mall, at a restaurant, the park. Watch how people are listening to each other. Watch the nonverbal behaviors that people are using.What can you tell about the conversation that is going on based on what people are doing? Watch several different groups of people and record what people are doing, they types of conversations that are happening, and the listening and nonverbal behaviors you see happening. If you eavesdrop and listen in on the conversation, that’s ok, too. That may help you understand some of these conversations happening.Then I want you take these observations and write a paper that talks about listening and nonverbal behavior. How did it function in these conversations? Was the listening good or bad? How did the nonverbal behavior play into the conversation? Feel free to stray from these questions and discuss anything interesting you observed. Be sure to connect this to your own life. What can you learn that you can use in your own life? What did you or can you learn about your self? Use references to the book to help you discuss these events.This paper should be three full pages long. I will take off points for using big margains or large font. Three pages is not long, so you can easily write to this page limit. It is a MINIMUM, so you may write longer if necessary. You will lose points if you do not reference the book, and proper citation is required.

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