What cost-benefit techniques are used by providers of health care services?

Imagine you have been asked to deliver a two part informative workshop at a local health expo by your Director of Community Outreach. Before he approves your workshop, you have to submit a proposal for each workshop that discusses the content you would like to present.

The first half was geared to the health consumer while this second half of the workshop is more detailed and provides health care administrators with better understanding of financial and economic tools used in the health care industry, particularly cost-benefit analysis. It is important that your audience understands possible challenges in the cost of health care services as well as what impact consumers and health care reform have on the availability of health care services. You also will discuss a specific population within health care (e.g., people with diabetes, people with mental health, etc.) and their needs

Proposal Part ll

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you present the content you would like to discuss in the workshop.

Include the following in your paper:

Analyze the use of cost-benefit analysis in health care.What cost-benefit techniques are used by providers of health care services? What impact does the mix of fixed costs vs. variable costs have on a cost-benefit analysis scenario? Is it better to have more fixed costs or less?Analyze common methods and tools used to address financial and economic challenges in the health care industry.What is the role of health insurance companies in managing the cost and efficiency of the delivery of health care services?How do billing and reimbursement processes affect providers of health care services as well as organizations/individuals paying for the services?Analyze the changes in health care services to meet the needs of an ever-changing population. For this bullet, select a population to concentrate on (e.g., people with diabetes, people with mental health etc.).What are the challenges of delivering health care services to your selected population? What are the ethical implications associated with the challenges?What are the new types of health care services that have evolved to support your population?What impact does the increase of preventive care services have on the health of your population?Analyze the drivers and barriers for health care reform.Currently, what role does the government play in the delivery of health care services to consumers?What are the challenges and/ or problems in providing/requiring health insurance for all consumers?

Cite at least four sources. 

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