what impacts health and life expectancy.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses what impacts health and life expectancy. Concerning the non-Hispanic black and white population, the graph reveals that life expectancy is quite similar in these two races. In the figure, the key reason for the variation is attributed to differences in income and health conditions. People having a low level of income have poor health conditions as compared to people with high incomes which has a significant impact on the life expectancy rate at birth. Since the poverty and health condition of white-Hispanics are closer to black-Hispanics hence, their life expectancy rate at birth are also closer to each other. On the contrary, the US Hispanic population has a low level of poverty and good health condition which validate their high life expectancy at birth (Hummer and Hernandez 2-15).
The second figure represents the percentage of adults with educational attainment with respect to race from 1996 to 2008 in the US. From analyzing the graph, it is apparent that overall Hispanic adults demonstrate a low rate of high school achievement in comparison to adults of other racial groups. However, non-Hispanic whites have been demonstrated as having a high percentage of high school education than other adults of different races. In a similar context, Asian/ Pacific Islanders also found to have a high percentage of education comprising bachelor’s degrees. These variations with respect to educational attainment among the adults of various race groups can be attributed to culture and societal patterns (Hummer and Hernandez 2-15).
The third figure signifies the mortality rate differences of individuals with above 17 years of education of the US female by race. The graph demonstrates educational variances in adult mortality among people of various age groups, racial groups, and gender. On the other hand, in the third graph, there are also certain variations that advocate educational accomplishment may be working rather inversely across the population of different subsections to affect mortality.&nbsp.

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