what is authoritarianism all about.

Need an research paper on what is authoritarianism all about. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. In fact, it is possible and acceptable for a democracy to have strong elements of authoritarianism. This position is justified in the paragraphs that follow.
Authoritarian methods of reaching decisions and accomplishing tasks entail the leader, either single-handedly or in conjunction with their inner circle, makes decisions then requires the people to implement those decisions(Bogaards, 2009). At no point in time are their opinions and perspectives sought. In the event that they are reluctant to carry out the decisions, the leader often resorts to the use of force, effected through the police service, to compel the people to act. By contrast, democratic processes require the leader(s) to consult with other leaders and the people likely to be affected by a decision before reaching a decision. For instance, unlike an authoritarian government, if a democratic government wanted to amend the constitution of the country, they must seek the views and consent of the citizens of the country through a national referendum.
Authoritarian methods are morally compatible with the tenets of democracy. In fact, one may argue that most democratic processes possess elements of authoritarianism(Bogaards, 2009). Staying with the example of a national referendum above, the decision to hold the referendum may, in the first place, originate from the President sitting their Secretaries. Only then is the participation of the citizens sought through the referendum. In a corporate organization, the board of directors makes several decisions on the behalf of, and without necessarily consulting, the company’s stockholders who elected them into office. The tendency for democratic institutions to overlook the democratic tenet of participation is sometimes justified on the ground that participation is time-consuming. If everyone were to be consulted on every matter, nothing would happen at the end of the day.

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