What is Burp Suite tool and how can it be used to help secure a website?

19 Jun What is Burp Suite tool and how can it be used to help secure a website?

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Assessment Description
Automated scanners are often utilized to detail specific flaws and suggest corrective actions for networks. This lab will introduce you to three separate scanners to help identify possible vulnerabilities within a system.
View the “Lab 4 Your Second Hack Part 2 Lab” video within the “Video Playlist: Penetration Testing and Risk Management,” located in the topic Resources. This lab utilizes the Kioptrix 2 VM, as well as your Kali.
Gain root access to the system by creating a new user and password. Using your hack as a reference, answer the following questions:
What is Burp Suite tool and how can it be used to help secure a website?
What does CA stand for in the lab? What is it and why is it important?
What is an SQL injection?
Provide a 3 SQL injection string examples.
Provide a mitigation technique and a technology that can be used to offset this vulnerability.
What other mitigation techniques would you suggest if upgrading or replacing the vulnerable OS was not an option?
Evaluate the appropriate security solutions required to design a security architecture by creating a limited network diagram, excluding network addressing of your organization’s internal systems. How would you incorporate a defense in depth methodology and protect this system from outside interference?
Explain in-depth how your network secures this system.

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