What is the Gilgamesh Epic and How Does It Compare with the Biblical Account of the Flood.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What is the Gilgamesh Epic and How Does It Compare with the Biblical Account of the Flood. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The Gilgamesh Epic is nothing new in the world of history. Several other communities have flood stories that almost resemble the biblical one. However, this Babylonian one has attracted a lot of attention because it one of the oldest and most well-preserved ones. It was initially found on two tablets in 650 BC. Other historians later found even older versions of the story on stone tablets. Some of them were written 2000 years before Christ’s Birth (O’Brien, 61).
The Epic was written as a poem and started with Gilgamesh. Books of history show that he was a Sumerian King. Gilgamesh ruled his subjects for a long time. He seemed to be wise and full of knowledge. At some point, he became oppressive to his people and made them unhappy. They asked their gods to create an enemy that would destroy Gilgamesh. A rival by the name of Enkidu enters the kingdom but becomes Gilgamesh’s friend. Later they fight together and win many battles. On one occasion, Enkidu is killed, and this troubles Gilgamesh who starts fearing death. He decides to go on a journey to learn how to prevent death (O’Brien, 61).
It is on this journey that he meets Utnapishtim who never dies because he overcame a worldwide flood. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh everything that happened in the flood, and many features look like Noah’s flood. The gods were unhappy about man’s sins so they decided to send a flood to destroy all humans. They asked Utnapishtim to create a ship in the form of a cube to hide them. The hero took a number of strangers, his family, and friends, as well as all animal species into the ship. The flood went on for 6 days and in the end, Utnapishtim sent three types of birds: a dove, swallow, and raven to find out if it really ended (Sanders, 55).

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A comparison of the above story with the biblical one shows a number of similarities. First, the places affected by the flood were almost the same. A divine being(s) had sent it to the whole earth. Both stories had a&nbsp.hero. the Bible had Noah whole the Gilgamesh Epic has Utnapishtim.
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