What Is the Origin and What Are the Goals of the BRICS Coalition.

Need help with my writing homework on What Is the Origin and What Are the Goals of the BRICS Coalition. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Examples of these actors include the European Union, ASEAN, and the Shanghai Corporation. In the 21st century, another global actor has emerged, and it is referred to as the BRICS nations. These are countries that are experiencing enormous economic growth, and hence making them influential in the international system. Countries that are members of BRICS, include Brazil, China, South Africa, and India. These countries have a significant influence on global and regional affairs, and they are members of the G-20.&nbsp.
Beausang (2012) explains that the economic potential of countries such as India, Russia, and Brazil, could project them, making them some of the most dominant economies of the world, by the year 2050. This idea was first brought about by Jim O’Neill, an economist by profession, working for Goldman Sachs. Jim O’Neill in making these assertions was looking at various factors that played a role in the emergence of these countries into the global stage (Kornegay & Bohler-Müller, 2013). One such factor is the kind of land area that these countries were able to command. Countries such as India and China have a large land area, and their population is big. For instance, China is considered the most populated country, with a population of about 1.35 billion people. India on the other hand, is also a largely populated country, having a population of about 1.25 billion people.
This type of population is economically beneficial to these countries, mainly because they are able to attract a large number of multi-national companies, and other forms of foreign investments. Countries such as Brazil and Russia also command a huge number of people, hence making them a luxurious destination for foreign investments. It is because of this large number of people, making it possible for these countries to produce cheap labor and markets for international products, that the economies of these countries were able to emerge, and experience numerous growth.

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