What strengths do you have as you enter the profession of nursing?

Module 09 Assignment – Concept Map and Self-Reflection
Complete the Self-Reflection template above.
Each block must have at least one clearly stated and measurable personal and professional goal that is achievable and realistic . The timeline must be as directed in the given template.
As you complete this activity, reflect on the following questions:
· What strengths do you have as you enter the profession of nursing?
· What weaknesses do you have, and how will you overcome or minimize them?
· Where will you be and what will you be doing five years after graduation from this nursing program?
Once the template has been completed, answer these questions in the same document.
· What is your plan to continue to prepare for NCLEX-RN® ?
· How will you maintain the momentum to ensure that your knowledge and test-taking strategies remain “second nature”?
· What is your plan to maintain competency and becoming a lifelong learner?
· Where will you find resources to assist in this process?
· What does certification mean to you?
· What is your plan to assist in the role transition from expert student to novice graduate nurse?
· How will you gain your new professional identity?
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