Where Do We Want to Be and How Do We Get There.

Need help with my writing homework on Where Do We Want to Be and How Do We Get There. Write a 2000 word paper answering; ”A marketing strategy significantly involves “specific strategies for target markets, positioning, the marketing mix and the marketing expenditure levels (Kotler 2001).” Each of the areas of the marketing strategy should be crafted so as to complement each other.
This paper will craft a marketing strategy for Stora Enso by understanding the company’s objectives. The first part will introduce Stora Enso by a brief corporate profile. In order to asses the efficient marketing strategies to be utilized, the next section will identify strategic marketing objectives using management tools after which specific strategies will be developed. The paper will then discuss the implementation plan of the strategy. This report will conclude with its specific findings and further recommendations. An appendix showing the company’s thrusts in sustainable operation and marketing is presented.
Stora Enso is an international wood products company that is engaged in the provision of customer-focused solutions to industry and trade internationally. Stora Enso is basically a Finnish-Swedish pulp and paper manufacturer which was the product of the merger between Swedish mining and forestry products company Stora and Finish forestry products company Stora. The company’s broad product line ranges from sawn softwood to top-class multicolor printing paper. Stora Enso’s comprehensive selection includes publication papers, graphic products, office papers, packaging boards, specialty papers, pulp, timber, forest, and other specialty products. The company currently employs 45, 000 employees, and is recognized as the fifth largest pulp and paper manufacturer in terms of revenue (Wikipedia 2006).

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The starting point of crafting an efficient and appropriate strategy for Stora Enso is the formulation of the marketing strategic objectives that the company wants to achieve. It is after defining the concrete&nbsp.and specific objectives that the company can begin crafting a strategy.&nbsp.
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