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Reflect on the criminal justice system as you know it. Is there something you think is particularly good or bad? You may be thinking of policies you know of that are working very well, that are unsuccessful, or that are successful but potentially come at a higher cost than you think is necessary. You may be thinking about a line of thought inside or about the criminal justice is good or bad. Whatever the topic you choose, you should be able to make a clear argument to support your opinion. It is not enough to simply regurgitate the textbook; you should try to make your own argument. Ultimately though, the point is to get you to think. You are perfectly free to disagree with your instructor, your textbook, or your classmates, so long as you support your arguments with logic and evidence

Provide a thorough description of the topic you selected.
Perform an Internet and library search for a minimum of 5 reputable sources.
Articulate a clear, well-developed argument which is supported by evidence.
The paper has several purposes:

First, it should demonstrate the technical skill of your writing. Grammar, syntax, usage, spelling, and composition will be weighted substantially.
Second, your paper should demonstrate understanding of the subject matter of this course. For instance, if you write about the “great American crime drop,” then you should demonstrate an understanding of current theories about what did (and did not) cause that drop, and what it means for criminal justice policy. Your discussion and arguments should reflect that you have read the textbook and should be supported by evidence and clear citations to authoritative sources.
Third, your paper should demonstrate reasoned analysis and critical thinking. You should support your thesis with reasoned arguments and recognize and rebut potential counterarguments.

An excellent paper will have well-developed arguments supported by evidence. It will cite a minimum of 5 quality sources to support its analysis. It will also have no (or very few) technical or formatting errors and will be turned in on time.
An aspiring paper will have clear arguments that are usually supported by evidence or logic. It will cite sources, but some may not be quality sources. It may contain some grammatical or technical mistakes. It will be turned in on time.
An unsatisfactory paper will contain little or no analysis. It will not support its claims with evidence, logic, or citations to credible sources. It may also obvious technical errors. It will show signs of having been completed at the last minute and may even have been handed in late.
Submit your assignment as a 6- to 8-page document in proper APA format.
I’ve chosen to write about the death penalty.
Death Penalty Paper Outline


History of death penalty
History of death penalty in Arizona
We should continue to enforce capital punishment for the most heinous cases

Heinous murders

Harsh punishments should be given
Some people cannot be rehabilitated
Cruel and unusual punishment? Should this matter when the person has committed such evil crimes

Victim’s family/friends

They need justice and closure
Their point of view

Mass incarceration

Huge crisis in the United States
Keeping capital punishment can help this problem

i.Yes, it is more expensive to sentence someone to death
ii.There is a need to find solutions to make it more cost-effective for the most extreme cases.

Who should be sentenced with capital punishment?

Those who commit the most horrific crimes

i.Sex offenders
ii.Child molesters
iii.Extreme murder cases

Juveniles should be excluded
People diagnosed with mental problems should be excluded


Although there are cons, we should continue to have capital punishment

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