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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on contemporary issues in business management Paper must be at least 2563 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Research indicates that the increase in the number of silver surfers has resulted from their increased usage of social networking sites, which they use as a means for communicating with their loved ones that are far from. Contrary to the influence that social media has on the younger population where a majority of them isolate themselves, the silver surfer population has made them more social. The social media tools that the silver surfers use include Facebook, Skype, instant messaging, and emailing services because they are easy to use and easily available for them (Brown 2013, p. 310). Studies have also shown that a majority of the silver surfer population that use the social networking sites have lower chances of being depressed as compared to those that do not use them and are within the same age bracket (NHS 2014).
In recent years, the silver surfers’ demographic group has been viewed as a possible contributor to the strategic development of businesses and commercial organization making it necessary to conduct research on them. In essence, the silver surfers continue to increase annually to which economists suggest that they should also be given the opportunity to work rather than having to depend on their pension to survive.&nbsp.&nbsp.
With the increase in the percentage of silver surfers, businesses and contemporary commercial organizations have had to design products and services that have this particular age group in mind as they have realized the potential that this age bracket has to their businesses. However, the problem that has been dominant is that a majority of the silver surfer’s population is unemployed, meaning that they rely on their pension in order for them to survive or meet their daily needs.

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