write an article on matching strategy to foreign operating environments

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on matching strategy to foreign operating environments Paper must be at least 2195 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Third, the legal policies, as well as political influences, are among the many problems that companies operating on global platforms can additionally face. These can be a major hindrance for most businesses that may fail to cut through the cultural diversities in the foreign countries in which they operate. Setting strategies that can help a company maneuver through these demanding situations, therefore, becomes a prerequisite if success is to be anticipated.&nbsp.&nbsp.
The integration-responsive framework is a concept that is familiar to international business strategy management. It is an explorative structural framework deployed by organizations that operate in the wider global contexts to understand and solve the likely management problems that may arise during their operations. In order for multinational enterprises to fully understand the influence of market forces as well as the social factors that are likely to challenge their international performances, an insight into the integration responsiveness concept becomes utterly important. Its applicability to conceptualizing the issues surrounding strategic management of companies and firms that are dedicated to the manufacture of commodities that are sold in the international markets is very cannot be undermined. In nutshell, the integration-responsiveness framework is an evaluation strategy that is used to assess contextually factor predominant to organization success or failure in the global investment. These environmental factors pose a great challenge and companies should find ways of solving them (Cavusgil, Knight and Riesenberger, 2012).
This concept provides for two imperatives that confront a business in its international&nbsp.trade explorations. According to Lin and Hsieh (2010,p. 912), a business operating in the global context seeks to gain competitive market advantage through reconnoitering the likely market imperfections that come as a result of the changes experienced in the international diversities.&nbsp.

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