write an article on The Importance of Business Ethics and Accounting Ethics Education

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Importance of Business Ethics and Accounting Ethics Education. It needs to be at least 1500 words. One of the emerging trends which have raised various controversies pertains to the issue of price gouging. It is against this background that this paper provides an in-depth evaluation of the price gouging in light of the Joshua Thompson’s case study. To ensure a coherent analysis, it begins by analyzing the case study. Then, it proceeds to review the respective study in light of the moral as well as legal implications.
In the recent past, it cannot be disputed that the movie industry has raised the prices of drinks and snacks. Such prices are simply outrageous and have adversely affected the welfare of consumers. In the first case study, Thompson feels that the prices of the snacks are outrageous and decides to seek legal help. This happened when the movie theatre, to which he was an avid goer, announced that clients were no longer needed to bring with them snacks. Previously, he had carried his snacks in a bid to avoid the then exorbitant prices. He then decided to file a lawsuit in court to address the issue.
Thompson’s decision in this regard was based on the need to protect the other consumers from the unethical practices of movie theatre owners. His argument was based on the provisions of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, a state statute that seeks to curb price gouging and protect the holistic welfare of the consumers1. His lawyers demanded that the particular movie owners compensate all the consumers whose rights had been violated in this regard. This decision has been surrounded by various contentions. In his research, Arnold notes that some of the experts argue that the practice of price gouging is within the legal limits2. In this regard, they argue that the movie owners are exempted from this price gouging statute because of the fact that they are not regulated by the state.

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Recent researches ascertain that indeed, the movie owners have hiked the price of snacks at the expense of the consumers.&nbsp.
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