write an article on the sweet science of boxing Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the sweet science of boxing Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Boxing is a sporting activity that has existed since eighteen hundred and refers to a physical activity where two individuals physically struggle to determine the power, pace, endurance over others using gloved hands. The reason for boxing competition varies from individual to the other. This is because some boxers need to win and obtain awards while others may have the desire to acquire defensive tactics. Therefore, individuals do not have the same interests when it comes to boxing (Farell, 2006).
Boxing during the ancient period involved the use of weapons and resulted to injury on the defeated boxer or even both boxers. Boxing was by then one of the cultural events performed by people of either similar or dissimilar communities. In the present days, individuals undergo some training to qualify to be boxers. Boxing competition entails awards to the winning persons, a morale booster and vital for building a good name of the society from which the winning person comes from. Fighting in the olden days had no rules written or keenly followed. Today, there are rules set to ensure that there are less or no injuries to individuals when defending themselves (Bohn, 2009). The rules may encompass punishment or penalty to boxers who deliberately cause harm to their opponents. Furthermore, there were no referees in the traditional boxing events, unlike today where there must be a referee to ensure they’re strict follow up on the boxing rules.
The name sweet science of boxing resulted from gradual changes in the socioeconomic status of the societies. Such changes affect the effect of the quality of individual performance. The name “sweet science boxing” entails the positive motives leading various individuals to be boxers with distinct qualifications.&nbsp.

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