You will be required to write one shorter research paper with one of the literar

You will be required to write one shorter research paper with one of the literary works from the semester as your central focus. The paper must be 1,500-2,000 words (six to eight pages) in length and include at least two outside sources (the text itself does not count as one of these sources).Your paper should analyze the literary work using a clear and specific critical lens. For example, you could analyze the text using a cultural or historical lens, focusing on how the literary work reflects the cultural/historical society that it represents. Another option would be to analyze the text through a gender focused or feminist reading, discussing how gender roles are represented in the text. Yet another option would be a literary analysis, looking at how a specific theme or style in the work of literature is developed through the storytelling choices of the author(s). Your outside sources should clearly a specifically support your topic and your thesis.You must make references, with appropriate quotations, to the text. You must use at least three outside sources and use the MLA format for citations. A “works cited” page is required.The final paper will be graded on the following criteria:–The paper is written in clear, engaging grammatically correct standard formal English, with few to no typos or grammatical, syntax or formatting errors.–The paper has a clear, specific and direct topic and an original thesis, which is supported throughout the paper.–The paper is well organized and focused, presenting evidence and analysis that supports your thesis in a logically developed and easily understood argument.–The paper successfully incorporates at least two high quality outside sources to support the argument presented.–The paper meets all the requirements of the assignment, including the minimum length assigned.Topic Proposal : Why is Odysseus considered to be a hero for the ancient Greeks, specifically? Why is this significant (for example, does this show us something in particular about ancient Greek culture/values?).

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